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Fluffy texture ♪ Introducing white sausage

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It's getting colder in Iwate Prefecture, where Ark Farm is located.
How is everyone doing?
When it gets cold, I miss warm food!
At my house, we always keep pork buns stocked in the freezer during the winter.
It's customary to heat it up whenever you feel like it and enjoy the fluffy pork buns...bliss...✨.
I would like to continue to share my passion for pork buns.
Today we will be introducing white sausage with a fluffy connection! (lol)

When most people think of sausage, they think of a brown, crispy texture.
However, as the name suggests, white sausage is white.
This sausage has a fluffy and soft texture.

Why is it white? !
First, when making the dough to be stuffed into the intestines, a machine mixes red meat, fat, ice, etc.
The contents become white due to the emulsification phenomenon. But so far, both the white and brown ones are the same.
From here, the white products are stuffed with dough, heat treated without smoking, and completed.
On the other hand, for brown products, after stuffing the dough, it is smoked in a smokehouse and heat treated.
In other words, the brown color is due to smoke!

This is a sausage that you may not be used to seeing, but I highly recommend you give it a try.
It's soft and light, so it's also recommended for small children★

Click here to purchase white sausage

Marketing Department Utako Watanabe

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