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Tila Farm Fireplace

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Hello everyone!

Last week, a wood stove was installed at the office of our NPO Tila Farm.
At Tira Farm, we have been manufacturing and selling firewood for wood stoves, but we have not had the opportunity to actually use it ourselves, so we are working to improve the quality while listening to customer feedback regarding the usability. I was there.

With the installation of a wood-burning stove, we are now able to use the firewood ourselves and check its quality.
We hope to utilize this information to further improve quality.

If you are interested in firewood or have trouble finding a place to purchase firewood, please feel free to contact us.
Sales price: 17,000 yen excluding tax for one light truck bed (for those who can come pick it up)
*If you would like delivery, we will explain the details over the phone.

NPO Tila Farm
TEL: 080-1800-7624 Reception: 9:00 to 17:00: Monday to Friday Person in charge: Numakura

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