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Scented Garden Recommended Spots

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The hot days of summer have passed, and now it's time to feel chilly.
The seasons change so quickly!

Currently, salvia and marigolds are in full bloom at Yumemigaoka Garden at Tategamori Ark Farm! !
In addition, there are many flowers such as amethyst sage, and animals such as sheep, deer, ponies, and guinea pigs in the park.

There are many recommended spots within the farm, but this time I would like to introduce the Kaoru Kaze Garden. After purchasing an admission ticket, you can enter the fragrant wind garden from the plant shop in front of Restaurant Till's.

There are many herbs and flowers lined up in the garden, so you can take a leisurely stroll.
The pavement is well maintained, so even people in wheelchairs can easily enjoy it.

[Sage Corner] is recommended this season! There are amethyst sage in the garden, but the garden has a wide variety of sage, including amethyst sage, amethyst purple, yellow majesty, and meadow sage.


In addition, [Autumn chrysanthemum] and [Double-blooming autumn chrysanthemum] are blooming beautifully!
Autumn chrysanthemums are one of the typical flowers that herald autumn, and the way they bloom as if swaying in the autumn breeze has an elegance to them.

In the garden, there are rare flowers that begin to sprout leaves in the spring, go dormant and wither in the summer, but then bloom in the fall! ! Its name is [Colchicum]. Even though the flowers are blooming, there are no leaves, so customers are surprised when they see it ~ Be sure to look for it when you enter the garden! !

There are many photo spots and various herbs and flowers lined up in the fragrant garden, so we hope you can enjoy a relaxing time with your family, friends, and lovers♪

Please take a look at the scenery that can only be seen at this time of year at Tategamori Ark Ranch♪

Production Sales Department Raimu Hoshi

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