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Today and tomorrow is Pig Festival & Customer Appreciation Day!

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Hello everyone.

At Tategamori Ark Farm, we will be holding a "Pig Festival & Customer Appreciation Festival" today and tomorrow!
We hold various events to express our gratitude to our customers.

Today we served a limited edition of 300 servings of whole carcass.
You can eat whole roasted pork which is difficult to eat normally.
All of our guests enjoyed themselves.

↑The whole carcass is wildly grilled.

We also held a ``Me-Me-Derby'' where lambs ran around the course.
In the "Me-Me-Derby", participants run around a course set up on a farm while chasing lambs.
This is an event where you compete for the finishing time.

However, the lambs are fast and don't run as well as I expected.
Seeing the lambs and participants working hard will be exciting for those watching!

↑A child is chasing a lamb.

In addition to this, you can interact with guinea pigs, have a lottery contest, and do a true/false quiz.
We held various events.

Finally, this "Pig Festival & Customer Appreciation Festival" will be held tomorrow as well!
The treats range from roasted carcass to motsu nabe, which is made in a large pot and is limited to 500 servings.
We also hold other events such as "Me-Me-Derby".

​​​​​​Agriculture Department Hiroki Ito

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