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hello everyone

Since it is Obon, there are many people who visit graves early in the morning today.
Unfortunately, it's raining in Tategamori Kogen.

Among them, at the natural food restaurant Tills, customers come to the store as soon as it opens.
A lot of freshly harvested vegetables, old-fashioned eggs, and Tategamori Kogen pork that are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
You can enjoy farm products.

At this time of year, farm-grown vegetables are plentiful, and there are many 100% farm-grown menu items.

Here is an example!

① Today's recommended salad
Tomatoes, cucumbers, new onions, carrots, etc. are all farm-grown!
⓶Tomato salad
Mini tomatoes and Nakatama tomato are very sweet and delicious, so I used tomatoes as the main ingredients, okra and cucumbers.
Served with toppings. It is so delicious that some children have eaten more than 20 cherry tomatoes by themselves.
It's a tomato!

③Potato salad of new potatoes from the ranch
We use just-harvested potatoes such as Kita Akari and Danshaku.

④ Farm-grown vegetable frit (deep-fried)
Even children who are not good at vegetables can enjoy delicious meals just by frying green peppers and paprika.
I have eaten it and it is very popular.

⑤ Sautéed farm vegetables
Sauteed colorful vegetables with herbs.
Even with the same vegetables, you can enjoy a completely different texture and taste when raw, fried, or sautéed.

This menu uses only farm-grown vegetables and has no additives, so you can enjoy the original taste of vegetables.
You can enjoy it, and it is also highly recommended for those who usually lack vegetables.

Manufacturing and sales department
Shuji Terui

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