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Tategamori highland pork loin

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Hello everyone.

The rainy season is finally over, and summer has officially arrived.
In order to overcome this summer without losing to the intense heat,
I will eat "Tategamori Kogen Pork Bone Loin" again this year!
Soft and juicy, oil is sweet anyway! delicious!

The conventional concept of pork changes...
No matter how much you have no appetite, if you notice it, you will unconsciously eat it all...
It is a dish that can be thought of as such a miracle.

In the words of our general manager, "I love you all!"

Everyone, please try it once!

Our shipping team leader Mr. Hatakeyama also praises the bone-in loin!

*If you see it somewhere, please wave your hand.
  They will always wave their hands with a smile on their face!

General Affairs Department Tatsuya Nakamura

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