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Introduction of Kuroki Sawa Farm

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hello everyone.
I'm Sekimuki, and it's been 3 years since I joined the Pig Farming Division.

It's been a little over half a year since the new farm, Kurogi Sawa Farm, started full-scale operation in February of this year.
Kurogi no Sawa Farm started out with only two people, but now the number of members has increased to five, and they are working hard together.

Kurogi no Sawa Farm will be in a stage called fattening, just like Sakanoue Farm.
It is this fattening piggery that spends the longest time in the same place.
We do trial and error every day to find out how the pigs can live comfortably without overlooking small changes in the daily life.
In addition, we continue to challenge new things such as incorporating the latest deodorizing equipment.

The hot days will continue from now on, but we hope to deliver delicious pork to everyone.
I will do my best together with the pigs.

Pig Farming Division Hitoshi Sekimukai

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