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"World's Best Breakfast Party" was held for the first time in two years

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At Tategamori Ark Ranch, we have been holding the "World's Best Breakfast Party" as an annual event.

Last year we were forced to cancel due to the effects of the corona virus, but this year we welcomed customers with a perfect system and held it, and 15 people participated in the July meeting today.

This time it's a corporate group.

In the past, a company representative had participated in this event, and the event was realized with the hope that all employees would like to experience it.

July was the rainy season, and the weather was unsettled.

This year, we already provided the same content to group customers in May, but today we resumed offering it to general customers.

Although it is gradual, I hope that it will become one of our efforts to explore and implement what we can do in the midst of the corona disaster.

There will be two sessions left this year, but August is already sold out, and there are still a few seats left for the September meeting, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Tategamori Ark Ranch
Agricultural Department Tamura

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