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How to enjoy the herb garden in the fragrant wind garden

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The herb garden in the fragrant wind garden is now in full bloom.
This time, we will introduce how to enjoy your herb garden.

zone1~5Plant herbs according to their efficacy and use. (See blue circle in the figure below)

A signboard like the one shown above is installed in each zone.
Detailed efficacy and usage information can be displayed by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

↓zone6 has collected fragrant herbs!

Please touch the leaves and enjoy the scent.
Among the rare herbs...

"Orange balm" with a scent similar to orange

"Mint Strawberry" with a sweet strawberry-like scent

And ``Artemesia Cola Plant'' which has a scent similar to cola.

In addition to the above, there are scents similar to curry, lemon, pineapple, rose, etc.
Find your favorite scent.
When you touch the leaves, please pat them gently (*^-^*)

Of course, there are not only fragrant flowers but also cute flowers, so check them out as well.
looking forward to! !

Agriculture and Livestock Department Katsue Oikawa


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