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Early registration discount is until 6/30 ☆

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Lavender has become a beautiful season in the ranch, but how are you all doing? ?

Today I will introduce my recommended gift for this season!!
Right out!!
Tategamori Kogen Pork Cold Shabu Set♬

Four kinds of meat for shabu-shabu and yuzu-flavored ponzu are included in the set.
You can enjoy it as soon as it arrives ☆

The key to making shabu-shabu delicious is to dip it in hot water at 70-80°C! !
I just want to shabu-shabu with boiling hot water,
Please stop the fire and let it pass through after a while.
The tenderness of the meat is completely different ✨✨
And when you eat cold shabu-shabu, let it cool slowly at room temperature.
This is also the key to making the meat tender.

It's a hot summer when you don't want to cook over an open fire... I'd like you to survive with delicious cold shabu☆★
I don't want to use fire, so I enjoy shabu-shabu by myself using hot water from an electric kettle (laughs).

Now, in addition to the normal points, we are giving 300 points as a gift early application privilege.
This is a privilege until 6/30 (Wednesday) orders.
You can specify the delivery date up to one month in advance, so even if you don't want it delivered right now...
Hurry up to order!!

Click here to order the Tategamori Kogen Pork Cold Shabu Set♪

We are always waiting for your orders and inquiries☆★☆★

Marketing Department Utako Watanabe

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