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Tila farm is also working on lavender

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It looks like the rainy season is about to start, but how are you all doing?
This is Senda, a new employee of Tira Farm, a specified non-profit organization.

It's been three months since I joined the company, and I'm currently participating in the lavender picking work with everyone at Tila Farm.

Once the flowers have bloomed, the scent seems to be diminishing, so the buds have swollen and the calyx has turned brown.

The leaves of the picked lavender are removed, tied with a rubber band and hung from the ceiling. After drying, it becomes various products such as lavender barley tea and lavender pillows. You can purchase it at Restaurant Tills in Tategamori Ark Ranch.
It's a very soothing scent, so please try it.

Well, Tategamori Ark Farm Herb Festa will be held on June 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun).
As an admission privilege, customers can enjoy a free lavender picking experience (20 plants), so please come and visit us.

NPO Tila Farm Kaori Senda

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