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Dogwood is in full bloom

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Hello everyone.
It's getting hotter and summer is finally here.
Stay hydrated and take precautions against heat stroke.

With summer just around the corner, Tategamori Ark Ranch is colored with seasonal flowers.
Even though it's hot, I feel great and can work.

I would love for you all to take a look.
Let me introduce you.

It is [Yamaboushi (Yamaboshi)].
The side road to Tategamori Ark Ranch is now in full bloom,
A member of the dogwood family.
It resembles a dogwood.

There's even pink.
I didn't know the existence of pink until I came to Tategamori Ark Ranch. (embarrassed...)

This year, I feel like there are more flowers blooming than usual.
It's so admirable.
Please be careful when driving.

At the entrance of the Garden of the Scented Wind, a large Japanese dogwood and
A gradation of roses welcomes you.

The roses in the Garden of the Scented Wind are also in full bloom!


The climbing roses blooming in the arch next to the plant shop,
I love.
I look forward to seeing it bloom every year.
On a sunny day, the contrast between the blue sky and this rose is the best.
Please try to find it.

In addition, you can enjoy various plants.
Lavender is starting to color too.

By all means, please come and visit to find your favorite flowers.

Marketing Department Rie Sugawara

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