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It's not too late yet! An introduction to Father's Day gifts, a personal recommendation I received.

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In June, the temperature rises and it feels like early summer.
How are you doing?

Recently, I often see it at stores I visit when shopping
"Father's Day" poster
The third Sunday in June, this year it is "Sunday, June 20".
Take this opportunity to express your feelings of gratitude that cannot be expressed on a daily basis
I think it's good to tell and see.

A "father" pretending not to care at all
When you get it, it's not bad
Doesn't it make you smile?
*Actually, I am one of those fathers.

Today, from Tategamori Ark Farm Online Shop
I chose it from the point of view that I would be happy if I received it
Introducing Father's Day Gifts.

Right out! !
"Tategamori Kogen Pork Stamina Yakiniku Set"is.
This is a product that has been partially renewed in the gift catalog for summer gifts.
As a meat lover, I'm happy with the increased amount of "Tategamori Kogen Pork".
What is the amount of 4 kinds of meat! ! Volume over 1kg
I ate yakiniku with my family, and I held sake in my left hand.
I can see how they are having a pleasant conversation while feeling better.

If you still can't decide on a gift for Father's Day, take a look.

As a "Father's Day gift" at the Tategamori Ark Farm online shop
We have various products.
Please comment "Father's Day gift" in the "Requests for delivery" field.
Comes with a special Father's Day gift ribbon and sticker.
We will deliver.
Of course, you can also attach a message card.

For delivery on June 20th (Sun)
We can accommodate orders placed by June 14th (Monday).
Please visit the Tategamori Ark Ranch online shop.

marketing department
Tsutomu Kumagai


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