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About 5S initiatives

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The warm days continue, and it's already the season where you can feel the cheerfulness of summer ☀️

In addition to managing your physical condition due to the temperature difference between morning and evening, don't forget to hydrate during the day!

Well, this time I would like to talk about the 5S initiative that we do once a month.
In the first place, the reason why we are working on 5S is that we are working every day on the basis of "sorting, setting in order, cleaning, cleanliness, and discipline" so that we can improve the quality of our work and work safely! !

So far, we have been working on 5S activities in various places. Among them, I would like to pick up and tell you the recommended places such as "only here!" along with "before and after" photos ✴︎

First place is here ↓

Although the necessary materials are collected and managed in cardboard boxes, the cardboard sizes and labeling fonts are all inconsistent!! . . In this way, it cannot be said that it is a document management that anyone can understand at a glance.


Therefore! The cardboard box and labeling letters themselves are unified, and the appearance is refreshing! So that everyone can see at a glance what materials are included! !

Next, here is the second part ↓

This is a cleaning tool for cleaning the toilet.
Until now, I had to hold cleaning tools one by one and move to the cleaning place. Some days I couldn't carry it all at once, so I had to go back and forth many times to clean it. . .


The staff decided to make a trolley exclusively for toilet cleaning tools because of the desire to carry them all at once! ! A towel rack and a handle are attached, and the storing is outstanding, too! "It's very convenient because it can be transported all at once."

There are still a lot of things I want to tell you, but I can't tell you here. .

While working on the 5S every day, our staff also come up with surprising ideas, and the craftsmen who develop DIY techniques every day are here in the manufacturing and sales department! !
His name is Kenichi Hashinuma.

We are always at the forefront of 5S initiatives. Therefore, my passion for 5S initiatives is second to none! !

In the future, we will always maintain the points we have been working on with 5S, and aim to improve the quality of work and create a safe and secure work environment.

Lastly, the manufacturing and sales department will work hard every day to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment without forgetting the spirit of hospitality to our customers.

Production Sales Department Hoshiraimu

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