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New deodorizing equipment

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When it comes to livestock farming, environmental problems such as odors and wastewater are the current inseparable themes.
In Germany, which is an advanced country in livestock farming, the law on odors has been enacted strictly, and each manufacturer has developed deodorizing equipment of higher quality under that environment, showing its presence to the world as a model of the advanced country in livestock farming. .

Before this corona crisis, our company repeatedly visited Europe to install deodorizing equipment at a new pig farm, and took on the challenge of incorporating advanced German deodorizing technology.
We are in the middle of that construction right now. Importing materials from overseas has been affected by the corona crisis, but with the cooperation of the related companies, we are nearing completion.

I've been through a lot of trial and error so far, but I managed to get this far.
We would like to ensure that the plant is in full operation and promote world-class environmental management in Japan.
Tomoatsu Hashimoto


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