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We are celebrating the 5-day holiday of GW (Golden Week), which is one of the biggest events for Tategamori Ark Farm.
I was able to finish it safely.

Hello, this is Takagaki from the Marketing Department.

The weather was like a roller coaster, with rain and chilly weather following the earthquake just before...and a sunny 25 degrees Celsius...
Although this year's Golden Week has changed rapidly, we are grateful that so many of you came and met us.
Thank you again. It's been two years since we last met, and we, the staff, felt an indescribable sense of fulfillment.
Thank you.
I'm really thankful to you.

The next event is Herb Festa in June!
All the staff will work together to prepare properly, so please come and visit us.

Well, the marketing department I belong to is trying to make online shopping more fun and convenient for everyone.
Every day, we work on various projects, develop set products, and provide product information so that you can use it meaningfully.
I am in charge.
This year, can we offer something a little different? ? ? I was thinking about a lot of things,
Recently, I've started hearing the term "live commerce" on the streets.
“Live commerce?”… “Live commerce?” (Is that the way it is?) “Sales at live performances?”…
The key is "demonstration sales on the internet."
Is Tategamori Ark Farm selling demonstrations? ? ? ...until the meat is available in stores? ? ? ...Would you like to get some vegetables? ? ?
And so on...Thinking about it...
We will think of ``something that could be an interesting video,'' and will do our best to make it available for everyone to see.

If I can give you some guidance soon...
If we can make it concrete, we would like to inform you via email newsletter or LINE.

Let's hope the weather continues to improve!
thank you very much.

Marketing Department Tsukasa Takagaki


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