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At Tategamori Ark Farm, our mission (our mission) states, ``Through agriculture, we will maintain a green global environment.''

We have many flowers and trees planted not only in the premises where our customers come, but also around the chicken house, which only we usually have access to.

Flowers have started to bloom beautifully this year as well.

When I manage the chicken coop in the morning, I look at the cherry blossoms with my chickens, thinking that spring has come.
(Chickens are said to be able to distinguish colors, and are also very inquisitive.
The flowers bloom, the leaves turn green,
Chickens may be interested in flowering trees whose leaves are withering.)

This is not the time to enjoy cherry blossom viewing (lol)

In order to deliver safe and delicious eggs to our customers, we will continue to work hard to ensure a safe breeding environment and management for our chickens.

Kazunori Haga

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