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Tell me about the difference between ground meat and coarse ground meat! Taste and how to eat

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The change of seasons is fast, so the comfort of spring
You can feel it.
Well, today, I would like to briefly introduce thinly ground meat and coarsely ground meat.
There are two types of minced meat: fine ground meat and coarse ground meat.
Many are lined up in stores.
The difference is the texture.
Coarsely ground meat is characterized by being less bitter and more chewy.
It is used for various dishes, such as hamburger, gyoza,
Stir-fried minced vegetables, minced rice, isn't it?
No matter which one you use, it's delicious, and you can enjoy the difference in texture.
But the decisive factor for the taste is the deliciousness of the meat ingredients.
Tategamori Kogen pork has light lean meat and fat, and has a great flavor.
There is no odor, and even if seasonings and spices do not have a strong taste, the taste of the meat ingredients can be enjoyed.
It's so delicious to be alive.
If you have never tried minced Tategamori Kogen pork, please buy it.
Enjoy your meal! !

Farm Market Atsunori Onodera


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