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Encounters and farewells... It's spring!

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In Tokyo, there are days when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, and even here in Ichinoseki, the maximum temperature exceeds 10 degrees.
Spring is finally here.

“Departure” is also very different.
The graduation ceremony is almost over, and after a short spring break, it's finally time to enter the kindergarten, enter the school, become a new member of society, and start a new journey.
The season of "encounters and farewells". (Employers may be transferred)
However, I was told to refrain from holding thank-you parties, farewell parties, welcome and farewell parties, etc.
I've lost my way until now.

"Helping you communicate your thoughts"
I can't meet you, but I want to convey your "feelings" such as "I want to convey my gratitude" and "I want you to be healthy"
We think that if we can "help convey" even a little, we are carrying out a "free shipping campaign" at the online shop.
Stay home life support campaignClick here
(Free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen including tax until April 15th)

A gift that feels like an order!
One of the changes after joining Tategamori Ark Ranch is that giving fresh ingredients has become a matter of course.
I have.
"Gift" includes"long shelf life", "easy to consume", "doesn't take up space", etc.
unconsciously"Fresh"thing isAvoidI think I was.
(apart from sweets and freeze-dried)
However, after joining the company, I thought, "This pork is really good!""Fresh meat"to give
In recent years, logistics-related technologies such as date and time designation, response when you are away, and temperature control during delivery have progressed dramatically.
"Give fresh ingredients as if they were ordered!"became my “gift standard”.

We may continue to live inconveniently for a while...
While eating out is not going well,A sense of ordering delicious fresh ingredientsWould you like to try it?

marketing department
Tsukasa Takagaki


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