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baby rush of sheep

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At Ark Farm, sheep births, which are customary at this time of year, have begun to peak.
After a gestation period of approximately 5 months, cute lambs are born every day.

At first, we were worried that the child would not be able to breastfeed properly, but after several days of artificial feeding, the staff was able to get the child out of danger.
Now, as you can see in the photo, she is able to drink breast milk on her own, which is a relief.

These children are twins.
When he was born, I was worried because he was small, but his mother took good care of him and now he is running around very energetically.

Approximately 60 puppies are expected to be born this year.
We will release the lambs to pasture little by little, so you can see a flock of cute lambs from around mid-April.
looking forward to!

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino


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