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2/8 (Monday) Please watch 5 Kigen TV!

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The other day, I was interviewed by TV Iwate's "5 Kigen TV".
Announcer Yuto Morita, who was in his first year at the company, was in attendance.

First, at the plant shop "gathering classroomexperience.
Gathering is group planting in which plants with roots are combined and planted like a bouquet.
How is Anna Morita's sense of this technique, which makes it easier for the individuality of the creator to come out than the usual group planting? ?

After the gathering class, we will have lunch at the natural food restaurant Tills.
Sautéed Tategamori Kogen pork loin, old-fashioned egg omelet, etc.
Savor the menu that makes the most of ingredients from the ranch.

The broadcast is on Monday, February 8th.
If you live in an area where you can receive TV Iwate, please check it out.

Tategamori Ark Ranch General Affairs Department Hitoshi Komatsu

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