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I'm Tae Ogasawara from the Pig Farming Division.

For three years after I joined the company, I was involved in the production of Tategamori Kogen pork at the Fujisawa farm.
I have been transferred to Hanaizumi Farm from this year.

Currently, I am involved in the production of Ark pigs,
I am taking care of mother pigs and piglets in a new piggery.

Since the equipment is new, I spend my days colliding with various problems,
Although it is sometimes difficult, I believe that "starting up a new piggery" is a rare experience,
I am facing pigs every day while feeling rewarding!

The environment has changed and the pigs raised have changed,
I will do my best to deliver delicious meat without changing my feelings towards pork.

Hog Farming Division Hanaizumi Farm Tae Ogasawara

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