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Can you eat BBQ even in winter?

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Hello, it snows so much every day.
In what year does it snow so much in December? It’s been decades!!!

It started with the first snow on December 13th (Sunday), and now it is completely white.

Yesterday, I went a little early at the natural food restaurant “Til’s.”
A Christmas night buffet was held.

roast pork with duxelle sauce
~ With the scent of Madera wine ~

Saya Special
A pie stick inspired by Buche de Noel and
3 types of cakes made with organic "Nanbu wheat" grown on farms that do not use pesticides

We ventilate the room every 30 minutes, allowing our customers to stay in the cold.
I hope you enjoyed it.

Well, the BBQ is in a private room on the BBQ terrace.
Available on farm market days.

However, there is no heating equipment, so please dress warmly.
We have throw blankets available, so please ask our staff if you need them.

Currently, admission to Ark Ranch is free during the off-season.
This is a photo I took of the scenery at the ranch over the past few days because I thought it was beautiful.



How about going for a walk on a nice day?

Farm market/natural food restaurant Till's will be open until the 29th of this year.
In the new year, we will be open from the first sale on January 4th.
We look forward to welcome you.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Hiroe Shibuya

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