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Participating in Gokan Ichi

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Every year, Tategamori Ark Ranch participates in the regional activities of Gokan City, which is supported by the South Promotion Bureau of Iwate Prefecture.

This activity gathers companies with traditional crafts and techniques that are active in the south of Iwate Prefecture and disseminates information on unique techniques and efforts not only to Japan but also to the world.

In previous years, we actually held a tour where you could actually walk around the site and see it in person, but this year we have switched to remote information provision to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. .

From December 1st, each company collaborated to prepare a gift set and started shopping without an official website.

We at Tategamori Ark Ranch have prepared a grilled hamburger steak set in collaboration with Oshu City's Oitomi Co., Ltd.'s Nanbu Tekki.

As you all know, our grilled hamburger steak is a rare product that is free of the 8 major allergens.

Why not take this opportunity to experience the beauty of our products and Nambu Tekki?

Toru Tamura, Farming Department, Ranch Business Department

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