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Appearance of grazing pigs

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Autumn was deepening and it was getting colder day by day.
Here in the Tategamori area, the wind often blows strongly, and the sensible temperature feels colder than the actual temperature.
Speaking of autumn, there are words such as “autumn of harvest” and “autumn of fruitfulness”, and it is a season of various blessings.
Ark Ranch's free-range pigs "Premier Cru" is one of them.

Born from spring to early summer, they live and grow freely in a rich natural environment.
And with the arrival of autumn, it reaches maturity as pork.
I was grateful for life, and I also enjoyed it.
I enjoyed the depth of flavor of the red meat and the sweetness of the fat, and it was very delicious.
Thanks for the pigs.

Tategamori Kogen pork "Premier Cru" meat can be purchased from our online shop.
If you are interested, please take advantage of it.

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino


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