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Things to keep in mind when caring for grazing pigs at the turn of the season and the coming season

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Hello everyone.
I'm Kisara Toshida from the Agricultural Club.

It's been really cold lately, especially in the mornings and evenings.
The temperature difference between the day and the day is great, and it's easy for people to catch a cold, but the same is true for grazing pigs.
Therefore, it is important to take care of the temperature difference measures.

At night, all the windows and doors are closed to prevent the cold wind from entering the room called the farrowing house where the mother pigs and piglets live.
On the other hand, if the temperature in the room rises too much during the warm day, the difference between it and the chill in the morning and evening will increase.

The fattening farm, where the pigs spend their time alone away from their mothers, allows them to move freely between the pasture and the room 24 hours a day, so it is not possible to close all the doors.
Instead, I spread a lot of straw on the bed in the room so that my stomach doesn't get cold.

Also, I personally feel that the pigs are getting hairier as the weather gets colder. I wonder if they are voluntarily taking measures against the cold.

That's it.
I would like to work while being careful not to catch a cold.


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