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10% increase only now!

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This is Chiba from Tategamori Ark Ranch.
It's getting colder day by day.
I mainly work at a desk, but I put on a heater for my feet.
I started working☆
In this season of extreme temperature differences, everyone please take care of your health and take care.

Now, at our online shop, we are currently offering a 10% increase in the popular "Tategamori Plateau Pork Mini Wieners."
Easy-to-eat, bite-sized dish that is popular among children.
It's a cute size, and it's handy to have in the fridge for lunch boxes or stir-fry with scrambled eggs.
Boiling for 2 to 3 minutes will make the skin crispy and the inside soft.

For orders placed until October 31, 2020is the target.

Don't miss this opportunity!!

Marketing Department Kaori Chiba


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