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Potato and BBQ sausage

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Just when we thought the intense heat continued, we skipped over "autumn" and suddenly became chilly.
Ladies and gentlemen, would you like some extra food?

This winter will be “cold”...
The Tohoku region will probably reach early winter, but in the Kanto region and beyond, it will be a bit early.
The climate is perfect for ``outdoors.''

In fact, the Tategamori Ark Farm online shop is currently selling ``Kodama Kitakari 3kg''.
We have a limited sale of "BBQ Sausage".

In my previous blog, I said that I am planning to sell BBQ sausage through mail order.
I advised you, and it has finally happened.
It has a total length of approximately 15cm and a weight of 90g.
BBQ sausage on the right hand, BEER mug on the left...
This is only available for mail order now. Please give it a try.
Go to the "BBQ Sausage" section

"Kodama Kitakari 3kg"...Some people may be wondering, "What is Kodama?"
I think we call objects with a diameter of around 5cm "kodama".
“Kodama” is surprisingly convenient.
Because it's small...
"Boiling time is short"
"After boiling, you can easily peel off the skin using a towel" (even by women's hands)
“You can eat it as is, with just one bite.”
“Even if it’s skewered, it still makes a picture.”
In addition, potatoes from Tategamori Ark Farm are ``pesticide-free'', so even moms with skin-sensitive skins can rest assured.
You can eat it.
Go to the “Kodama Kitakari 3kg” section

This time's "Kodama Kitakari 3kg" is from Tategamori Ark Farm Restaurant Til's.
A recipe by Chef Miura is also included.

Perfect as a dish for outdoor BBQs, as a snack on days off, or as an accompaniment to beer.
Please take this opportunity to try "BBQ Sausage" and "Kodama Kitakari".

marketing department
Tsukasa Takagaki


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