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Agriculture attractive to young people

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nice to meet you!
My name is Makoto Date and I work for Sakanoue Farm in the Pig Farming Division.
Please refer to Mr. Sasaki's blog on 9/11 for more details about the work at the farm, but here I would like to talk about the reason why I joined ARK.

As you approach the end of your third year at university, job hunting becomes a major topic of discussion with your friends. I was like most people, too.
There was one thing I noticed. There are many people who find agriculture interesting.
However, agriculture is one of the industries where the aging of the population is most noticeable. Given that young people are attracted to agriculture, it is strange that there is such a distortion in the age structure.
If this is the case, there must be some factors preventing young people from entering agriculture. From what I've heard from people around me, it seems like it's a concern about employment conditions and the working environment.
If so, is it possible to improve the employment conditions and working environment in agriculture? Gradually, I started thinking that way. That's where I met Ark.
ARK was promoting the creation of a comfortable work environment under the mission of ``making agriculture an industry where many young people can work with dreams.''
I decided to join this company because I felt that I would be able to realize my dreams.

In the future, I would like to raise Ark's working conditions to a level that is on par with other industries. It would be even better if the working environment of the agricultural industry as a whole could be improved using Ark as a benchmark.
In order to achieve this, we will first of all work hard on our daily operations.
We look forward to your continued support.

Pig Farming Division Sakanoue Farm Makoto Date

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