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Special skills learned on the farm

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Nice to meet you!! My name is Takahiro Sasaki and I am in my first year at Sakanoue Farm in the Pig Farming Division.

Five months have passed in the blink of an eye since I joined the company in April of this year.
I started to get used to working on the farm, and I was able to do more things by myself.

The farm I belong to, Sakanoue Farm, specializes in fattening pigs in order to deliver delicious meat to everyone's dining tables.
It is a very important role to take care of the piglets that come to the farm after farrowing and weaning until they can be shipped.
When we think that the pigs we raise can be turned into products and eaten by customers, we become more and more motivated.

Well, I have a special skill that I acquired while shipping, which is the main job at the farm!
It's ``Diagnose your pig's personality by looking at its fur color!''
Quiet, mischievous, timid, and whimsical, pigs have a variety of personalities, but you can tell by looking at the color of their fur.

For example, puppies who are pale pink, which is the color commonly associated with pigs, tend to have a gentle personality.
On the other hand, dark brown children are quite rebellious! The shorter the nose, the more aggressive it becomes!
It's always the dark brown kids with short noses that lunge at me while I'm working...

As you continue making these observations, you will gradually begin to understand the pig's movements.
Recently, I have been able to control children of any color and with any personality.
I would like to continue to closely observe the pigs and develop my eye for pigs. 

Pig Farming Division Sakanoue Farm Takahiro Sasaki


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