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This is iwatani from the marketing department.

As we enter September, the summer heat continues, but how are you all spending your time?
This time, I would like to introduce you to "Sports Day", which is a specialty of autumn.
There are several organizations called "committees" within the company. We aim to revitalize the company by setting annual goals and working together with employees from other departments.

One of these is the Sports Day Executive Committee, whose goal is to deepen friendships with employees from other departments through sports days.
We must also consider paying attention to hygiene at this year's sports day.
In order to prevent the new coronavirus, I believe that frequent disinfection and prevention of droplet infection are essential.

Although there is a short period of time until the event is implemented, we will respond flexibly to the situation and do our best to hold the event as much as possible.

Marketing Department Yutaka Iwatani

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