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Another feature of Ark Ranch is the place where livestock are grazed.
As some of you may know, even in the pig farming business, which is mainly housed, we raise pigs on pastures in the form of free-range pigs. That is "Tategamori Highlands Pork Premier Cru".

Just like anything has its pros and cons, so does grazing pigs.
The greatest risk is that of disease transmission.
As you know, pigs are a type of livestock that has a high risk of swine disease, and in recent years, the mainstream response has been to raise them hygienically in pens.
However, the reason why we use grazing pigs is that, apart from that, when considering the ecology of pigs as living creatures, it is necessary for us as a company to pursue what kind of breeding form is originally desirable. Yes, and we believe that we can continue to have the attitude to challenge it and, beyond that, we can provide something valuable to the customers who will ultimately eat it.

In order to reduce the maximum risk as much as possible, we are striving for management while thoroughly implementing hygiene management and acquiring strict standards such as farm HACCP and JGAP certification.

On top of that, the grazing pigs raised in the great nature of Tategamori Plateau are truly lively pigs raised by the earth and nature.

Please come and see the grazing pigs once!

And please give it a try! smile
We recommend you with confidence and pride!

Tomoatsu Hashimoto

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