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The number of users is increasing! Regular service "Tategamori Plateau Old-fashioned egg service"

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Thank you for always using Tategamori Ark Ranch.

It's been hot lately.
In Nagano Prefecture, where I live, there is no wind during the day, so it's hot even inside the house.

It's hard to have an appetite on hot days.

It was so hot at lunch today that I didn't have much of an appetite, so I was wondering what I should eat.
“If you can pour it down easily, you can eat it, right?”
So, even though it was a hot day, I decided to make some hot Ochazuke.

I was able to eat this unexpectedly and it was a new discovery.

When I thought about it later, I realized that it would have been better to just use chilled chazuke.
Please try it on days when you don't have an appetite.

Well, at Tategamori Ark Farm's online shop,
New regular flights are starting this year!

"Tategamori Plateau old egg delivery"

We deliver only old eggs on a monthly basis.
Available in sizes ranging from 30 pieces (10 pieces x 3 packs) to 60 pieces.
Delivered to your home once a month.

Actually, I also take this ``Tategamori Kogen Old Egg Delivery'' every month.
I often eat egg-cooked rice for breakfast, so it's very convenient.
I use the 30-piece pack, and I can eat it all without having any left over.

"Tategamori Kogen Old Egg" is characterized by its rich and rich yolk,
We recommend ``Tamago Kake Gohan,'' which allows you to enjoy the flavor of eggs the most.
In addition to soy sauce, it's also fun to try out different arrangements by adding sesame oil, salt, chili oil, etc.
(It goes surprisingly well with a variety of seasonings!)
★We introduce "TKG (egg-cooked rice) arrangement recipe" in our regular monthly delivery.

Eggs have a surprisingly long expiration date,
If eaten raw, the shelf life is 2 weeks in the refrigerator.
Even after 2 weeks, you can still enjoy it deliciously by heating it.
Eggs are essential for cooking.
If you receive regular deliveries every month, you won't have to worry about not having eggs when you want them!
Please find a convenient way to use it.

Egg-cooked rice is also a quick and easy dish.
Even on hot days when you don't have an appetite, you may be able to eat it quickly and easily.

Let's survive the hot summer by eating as much as possible and staying strong!

Marketing Department Yukako Ichikawa

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