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Accompanied by barbecue!

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Hello everyone, this is Hara from Ham Koubou.
At this time of year, many people enjoy grilled meat and barbecue at home.
Sausage is an indispensable ingredient for grilled meat and barbecue! You can eat it deliciously just by grilling it, and it's perfect with rice, beer, and alcohol!
How about some sausages made at Tategamori Ham Koubou to accompany your grilled meat or barbecue?
As you all know, the standardArabiki sausagefrom tantalizingly flavoredgarlic sausage, spicyChorizoWe have a wide variety of items such as.
There is no doubt that you can enjoy yakiniku (grilled meat) and barbecue if you have a dish that has been carefully selected because it is a standard ingredient that cannot be removed.
Please enjoy the sausages made at Tategamori Ham Studio as accompaniments to grilled meat and barbecue.

Ham Factory Kiyokatsu Hara

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