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Online shop limited gift "Ranch Yokubari Set"!

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hello everyone! !

The state of emergency declaration for the new coronavirus has been lifted.
While there are bright topics
There is also heart-wrenching news about torrential rain.
While being aware of the “new lifestyle”
I hope that I can return to my previous life as soon as possible.
This is what I really wish for these days.

The story will change, but
From the “Spring/Summer Gift Catalog” from April 2020
I took a day off.
Very popular giftRanch Yokubari Set"but
This time, only available at the online shop
You can now place your order.

Tategamori Plateau pork, additive-free sausage, Tategamori Plateau old egg
As the name suggests, ``Yokubari'' is a combination of moromi and miso pickles.
This is a gift set.

Speaking of the ranch Yokubari set
“Moromi Misozuke” is available as a gift along with other gifts.
Although it is an eye-catching difference,
My personal recommendation points are
Additive-free sausageThis is a selection.
Among the many types of sausages
Popular for its basil flavorbasil sausage
Kneaded with vegetables, it has a smooth texture.vegetable sausage
Plenty of vegetables kneaded with skinless sausage
"Delicious and easy to eat"Nakoro sausage
This healthy additive-free sausage combination is
It's worth a try.

Please take this opportunity toTategamori Ark Farm Online Shop"fartaccess!

Marketing Department Tsutomu Kumagai

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