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Efforts of the Smile Up Committee

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I am Satomi Funaki, and I am chairing the Smile Up Committee this year.
The Smile Up Committee is a committee that works to increase smiles in the company.

As an initiative of the committee, it started in mid-June,
This is the "Pig Farming Division Increase Head Construction Pig House Tour" for employees!

This time, we plan to visit the new piggery at Hanaizumi Farm (breeding farm), and other farms in the fall.

When pigs enter the pigsty, it is difficult for employees to enter due to hygiene management.
With this project to increase the number of pigs, it will be a new piggery that boasts one of the largest scales in Japan.
Taking this opportunity, the purpose is to have employees feel the development of the business firsthand.

First of all, if the employees do not understand their company, they will not be able to recommend it to customers with confidence.

We would like to continue to study so that we can deliver better products to our customers!

Smile Up Committee
Satomi Funaki

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