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It's getting hot! BBQ season is here! !

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The rainy season has finally arrived in the northern Tohoku region.
As the humidity increases and it becomes even hotter and humid
You must drink water frequently and worry about managing your physical condition.
Well, today we will introduce the BBQ terrace menu.
I would like to introduce briefly.

Special set/4 servings 7,980 yen including tax
Barbecue set - 1,890 yen including tax
Loin steak set - 1,890 yen including tax
Hormone set 1890 yen including tax
Sausage set 1890 yen including tax

Single item menu
Sliced meat 250g/1300 yen including tax
Spare ribs 1,650 yen including tax
Loin steak・1000 yen including tax
Hormone 200g/800 yen including tax
Skirt steak 150g, 700 yen including tax
Assorted sausage/1350 yen including tax
Assorted seasonal vegetables - 400 yen including tax

Limited menu
Two pieces of pickled moromi (loin marinated in soy sauce, thigh meat marinated in miso)
1000 yen including tax.
This is a collaboration product with Yagisawa Shoten.
Regular size rice: 200 yen including tax, large size: 300 yen including tax

Soft drinks, oolong tea, apple and orange juice
350 yen each (tax included)
Alcohol/draft beer, 500 yen including tax
Highball, lemon sour, glass of wine (red/white) 450 yen including tax
Non-alcoholic beer, 400 yen including tax, is this year's menu.

Barbecue business hours Weekdays 11:30-14:30
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 11:00 to 15:00.
*Group reservations, consultation required

When visiting the store, please be careful of the three Cs, wash your hands, gargle, and frequently disinfect with alcohol.
Let's go.

Farm Market Atsunori Onodera


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