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This spring, I was transferred from the Pig Farming Division to the Agriculture Division.
Instead of taking care of pigs and taking care of vegetables, I spend my days with many vegetables.

I studied vegetable cultivation for two years in junior college, but this is the first time for me to grow organically without pesticides. There are many things that are different from what I have learned so far, and every day is a new discovery!

The harvest from winter to spring was rich in leafy vegetables, but from now on, the number of fruit vegetables will increase and the vegetables will become more colorful. Tomatoes, paprika, eggplants, corn... Oh~ I can't stop being excited!
I'm looking forward to harvesting vegetables that are growing well ^^

I will do my best so that many people can eat safe and secure fresh vegetables!
Please try to eat very delicious vegetables ^ ^

Agricultural Department Manami Saito

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