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The coronavirus is spreading all over the world, and it hurts to hear so much about the coronavirus on TV every day.
Corona is hard, but for those who feel that this season is hard... Yes. I have hay fever.
I don't have hay fever, but I think there are many people who are having a very difficult time now that masks are not available.
This time, we will introduce herbs that are effective against hay fever.

There are several types of herbs that are effective against hay fever, and at the Herb Museum,nettle” is recommended.

Nettle is effective in relieving allergy symptoms such as asthma and hay fever.It contains antihistamine ingredients, which are said to have antiseptic properties, and protects you from infections such as colds and influenza.
You can purchase such nettle products at the herb shop.

Why not create your own favorite herbal tea by combining nettle with different herbs?

If you don't know much about herbs or are a little afraid of herbs, we recommend this product!

This product is already a blend of several types of herbs.
It comes in a tea pack, so you can easily make herbal tea by putting it in a cup and pouring hot water.
If you find it a little hard to drink, add some sugar to sweeten it to make it easier to drink.

If you still don't like herbs and find it difficult to drink, we recommend this herbal cordial.
It is a product that must be diluted before use, and this liquid type product can be enjoyed hot or iced.
It tastes like lemon tea and already has some sweetness added to it, so it's easy to drink even for people who don't like herbs!
Not only can you use it for drinks, you can also sprinkle it on yogurt and ice cream, or use it as a sweetener for homemade sweets.

This time, as a countermeasure against hay fever,nettle” was introduced.
The Herb Hall also has a variety of other herbal products...! !
Please try finding the herb that suits your symptoms and preferences.
Increase your immunity with natural medicines (herbs) and make your body resistant to viruses!

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