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Starting next week, we will also be open on Mondays!!

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How are you all spending your time today as we feel the arrival of spring?
I would like to introduce you to the recent situation at Ark Ranch.

Pansies are planted along the road.

This is Sanshu forest next to Wanpaku Square.
The yellow flowers of wax plum and cornflower are blooming cutely.

I saw a parent and child munching on rice balls on Shina no Oka.

I met a family with their children visiting the deer farm.

In the Niji no Oka Garden, the daffodils are blooming and the tulips are growing rapidly.

We are planting pansies in the flower beds and preparing for the opening of the garden.

Thank you for always using Farm Market Restaurant Til's.
Today is the last Monday closed day of the year. Starting next week, we will also be open on Mondays.

Introducing this spring's recommended menu at Restaurant Til's.

・Schweinehakse ・Turmeric rice

・Pallet assortment of farm-grown vegetables

Be sure to try our chef's dish of pork shank sprinkled with onions and parsley.
Turmeric is said to have a fatigue-relieving effect, and the acidity of sun-dried tomatoes is the key.
Enjoy the crunchy texture and sweetness of carrots and daikon radish in this palette of farm-grown vegetables.

During March, there will be a single item menu on weekdays, and a buffet only on weekends and holidays.
The weekday buffet is scheduled to resume from April.
It's warm and cozy, and we also recommend sitting on the BBQ terrace.

All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Farm Market Hiroe Shibuya


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