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Introducing recommended new products at the bulk sale corner!

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Today we have a new addition to the bulk sale section of the farm market.
We would like to introduce "Dried Azuki".

I'm sure you've eaten boiled azuki beans before.
There are probably few people who have ever eaten dried azuki beans.

Adzuki beans are said to improve gastrointestinal health, cool fevers, and quench thirst.
It is also expected to have anti-aging effects.

The crunchy texture of these dried azuki beans is addictive, and once you start eating them, you won't be able to stop eating them!
Of course it's delicious as is, but with ice cream, yogurt toppings,
We also recommend serving it with milk as an alternative to cornflakes.

Sold at 10g/78 yen. We also offer tastings, so please feel free to ask us ♪

Farm Market Sarina Abe

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