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Tonkatsu Fair “Win with pork” = Pork victory

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“Tonkatsu Fair” was held during the three-day weekend from February 22nd (Saturday) to February 24th (Monday), 2020.
Carrying good luck during this period, ``win with a pig'' = pork victory.

We sampled freshly fried tonkatsu and had a meat cutting service.
The most noteworthy feature is the tonkatsu dressing service.

All pork cutlets are made from agricultural and livestock products produced at Tategamori Ark Farm.
Not only is the meat sliced into strips, but it is also topped with plenty of egg and fresh breadcrumbs.
We delivered it to you ready to fry at home.

It was a really fun project, so we also shared a lot with the customers who purchased it.
We had many conversations about meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, and more.
We were able to learn once again about the agricultural and livestock products that we produce.
It may have been a big gain.

For more information about the ingredients used this time, please click here↓
Tategamori Plateau Pork
bread crumbs

Kenichi Hashinuma

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