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About the delicious white motu boil!

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At this time of year, there is little snow and the temperature difference is large.
Road conditions near Ark Ranch are good.
On days when it rained late at night, roads were frozen in shaded areas in the morning.
Please note that there are some areas where this is done.
Well, today I'm going to the farm market from around last year.
A brief explanation about the white giblet boil that we sell
I'll introduce you.
White offal made from 100% Tategamori Plateau pork.
No odor, rich in vitamins and minerals
As for how to eat it, it can be eaten as Yakiniku.
It's delicious and can be simmered or stir-fried with salt and pepper.
It is also good as a topping for pork bone ramen.
Stir-fried white offals and chives and mix with yakiniku sauce for pork offal bowls.
Add white giblets to pork kimchi hotpot, a classic cold season menu.
It is delicious.
300g vacuum frozen sold at farm market, tax included
It's 380 yen.
Farm Market Atsunori Onodera


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