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Are you a griller? Boiled school? Faction as it is?

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 Hello everyone. This is Sato from Ham Koubou.
This time, we will introduce the recommended way to eat sausage, which is a representative product.

 First of all, if you boil it, it tastes like freshly made, and you can enjoy the crisp texture of natural intestines the moment you bite into it.white sausageormini wieneris recommended.

In the case of the next method of eating, "grilled", the aroma is added further, and you can enjoy a different flavor from boiled. It goes well with coarsely ground sausages, so we recommend coarsely ground sausages or Nankotsu sausages.

Is the end the same? is. The thick sausage wurst sold in slices is recommended to be eaten cold, such as with a salad.Bierschinkenwurst,Jagdwurst,Paprikawurst,And so on.

All of them have different tastes, and we can recommend them with confidence, so please give them a try.
Ham Factory Shota Sato

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