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Committee activities, there are only a few left this season.

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There has been little snow nationwide this year, with news reports saying it is less than half of the usual amount.
The content is also covered.
At Tategamori Ark Farm, it is rare for the grounds to be covered in snow this year.

Now, as the current chairperson of the [Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee] to which I belong,
I was in charge of this.
We listen to customer feedback, provide information that customers want to know, and provide farm guides.
We spoke directly to the visitors and gave them a tour of the venue.
Regarding the issuance of the arkfarm letter, the committee staff will prepare the manuscript and send it to the farm market,
We have also distributed nuts and food trucks.
The content will of course be determined by the committee.
We are currently preparing for the publication of the latest issue.

This is the cover of this time.

Publication is scheduled for late January or early February.
The last arkfarm letter issued by current committee members, when you visit.
We would appreciate it if you could take it home and take a look.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee Yoshie Iwabuchi

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