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Start the new year with order

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The farm market was crowded with many customers during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Work such as packaging products and shipping procedures continued almost every day.

Suddenly, I noticed that my workbench was a mess.

"Let's clean up!" Sayaka Ito and Sarina Abe stand up.
These two people have similar names and I sometimes get them confused.

→I'm sorry.

When two people say, ``Mr. Hashinuma, I want you to build a shelf here,'' I have no choice but to do it first.
Above all, I'm happy to have such a proposal.

Last year, two people in the manufacturing and sales department experienced especially rapid growth.
I have high expectations for this year.

Above all, Yuna Sasaki's presence is huge.
→I am always grateful.

For Abe Sarina, Yuna-senpai seems to be her idol.

In the new year, a tidy workbench gives everyone a feeling of moving forward.
Will the shelf I made also work?

Please work with me this year as well.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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