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This is Shinohara in charge of the online shop.

It seems that there are many places where coming-of-age ceremonies were held all over the country today.
Congratulations to all adults!

By the way, this is sudden, but do you have anything that you look forward to every day?
Recently, I've been looking forward to making the "nukadoko" that I started at the end of the year.
I got a lot of brown rice from an acquaintance, so I tried making a nukadoko using raw rice bran.
I need to stir every day, so it's only been about two weeks since I started.
I'm already attached to it (cute...).
It's almost time to pickle the vegetables, so I'm looking forward to what kind of vegetables to pickle.

This is the nukadoko in the middle of mixing.
You have to wipe the rice bran on the edge of the container firmly.

There is also a small pleasure in such days in the online shop!

Do you know the [point system] of the Tategamori Ark Ranch net shop?
When you shop at the online shop, you can earn points according to the amount.
If you accumulate 500 points or more, you can exchange them for ranch products.

There are many point exchange products!
・500 points → Tategamori Kogen 10 old-fashioned eggs
・2000 points → Tategamori Kogen Pork Flavored Offal 4 pieces (frozen)
・5000 points → Tategamori Kogen pork loin with bone set (5 pieces)

This is just an example, so please see here for details.

Since the target product changes depending on the number of points, do not use the points immediately,
You can also save a lot and exchange it for luxury goods.

Furthermore, if you continue the regular service of Tategamori Ark Ranch for a long time,
Up to 3 times the points you can get with one purchase.

Furthermore, if you use [2000 points or more] for point exchange at once,
You can receive free shipping on "point redemption products only".
(Shipping fee will be charged separately for less than 2000 points.
Therefore, we recommend that you apply for a point exchange product when purchasing the product.)

I would be happy if you look forward to earning points when you shop online.

Sales Department Shinohara

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