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Hello. This is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.
I think there were many people who said that the end of the new year was Monday the 6th this year, but for those people, isn't this week a long one?
It's finally the weekend!

This morning, Fukuo-san walked through the precincts of Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture.
Every year, the time of Toka Ebisu is cold, and after walking through the precincts, the breath and sweat are enough to create steam, but this year I don't feel the cold.
and it doesn't snow. .
I don't have to wash the car often because I never spray snow melting agent on the expressway.
The only time I saw snow was when I went on a business trip to the San'in region and saw that the area around the top of Mt. Daisen turned white.
It's really weird weather.

This year as well, in order for people who live in western Japan to be able to purchase our products as close as possible, the dealers who handle them will be
We will guide you to increase it.

West Japan Sales Office


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