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This season, my recommended herbal tea is...

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Now that winter is here, I am suffering from the itching and pain of chilblains every day.
I get through these depressed days by drinking herbal tea that makes me feel calm and refreshed.

A small, cute white flower called elderflower that is native to Europe. Syrup is made from the flowers and mixed with hot water or alcohol. (There are commercially available syrups, so I buy them.)
It's sweet like muscat, but it's refreshing and doesn't have a bad taste, and it makes you feel good.
In the winter, mix it with hot water for a relaxing time, and in the summer, mix it with carbonated water to refresh and quench your thirst, and you can enjoy it all year round.
This elderflower has effects that can be expected especially during this season.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is said to help prevent colds and relieve symptoms of influenza. In addition, it is not only delicious, but also has many beneficial effects on the body, such as alleviating hay fever and allergy symptoms, detoxing effects, beautifying skin, relaxing effects, and relieving joint and muscle pain.
Even for those who don't like herbal tea, this elderflower is very easy to drink and I recommend it.
Try this once.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Bakery Naoko Oikawa

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