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Still in time!! Mini wiener increase campaign

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These days, the air is getting clearer and it's starting to feel like autumn.
It's autumn tourist season.
At the beginning of this month, my son's nursery school had a field trip and I didn't usually make anything.
I made a lunch box.
I thought about the contents of the side dish, and among them,
I added mini sausages from Gadategamori Ark Farm.
He was very happy and came home with a full meal.

The bite size makes it easy for children to eat.
And no additives. You can safely use it as a side dish for your lunch box.
It can also be arranged and used as a dinner dish.

Such [Tategamori Kogen Pork Mini Wiener 200g] is currently on sale!
today[Orders until October 31st (Thursday)]So, until the delivery in November,10% increaseThat's it!!
There's still time! We are accepting applications until just before the date changes to November!
Click here to purchase mini wiener

I like to roast it a little and eat it as is.
You can eat a lot.
So, the 10% increase is a very exciting campaign.

I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity.

Also, for the lunch box that will come someday, I will use products from Tategamori Ark Farm.
Start thinking about side dishes that your child will enjoy.
That's exciting too.

Sales Department Rie Sugawara

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